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For Restless, Creative 12-year-olds* and less
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Do you need to be at least 12 before you can create great advertising?

Foxglove doesn't think so. And that's why young agencies (and others) under 12 who are creating exceptional work in marketing communication look on Foxglove Awards as the highest honour.

In its 5th edition, Foxglove continues to add more sub-categories to accommodate the refreshing work done in newer formats. Brand related communication, both in traditional and digital format, from online publishers, production houses, design firms, content creators, and agencies, can be submitted across 7 categories containing 41 sub-categories.

Foxglove has become one of the most revered advertising shows in India thanks to over 350 unique entities who have participated over the years.

More than 120 entities participated last year and 132 metals were won collectively.

If your agency or organisation is less than 12 years old and you believe your work speaks of the future, participate and you could take home a Foxglove metal!

After all, creativity knows no age.

Final Showdown: June 6, 2019,
Verbena Brewpub & Skygarden, Kamala Mills, Mumbai.
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