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For Restless, Creative 12-years-olds* and less
    The jury will be advised to gauge the entries on the basis of :
  • Idea
  • Content
  • Design
  • Engagement
Foxglove Awards were established in 2015 with the objective of encouraging young agencies doing great creative work.

While winning a national award is the ultimate high, many young agencies would be content to be the best in their region. That's why, in a first, Foxglove has been experimenting with region-based awards. Albeit, many agencies want to compete only at a regional level the question is: how do we identify the best in a region without a drop in the quality of entries that such geographical division would necessarily result in?

The Foxglove solution: Create a single pool of regional entries in each sub category. Within that, recognise the best from each region.

E.g. If in category 'Creative Use of Social Media' under Regional if the Gold goes to an agency which has entered from the South; Silver to an agency from West and Bronze to an agency from North - then each of these agencies will additionally be rated the best in their region in that particular category.