India’s biggest award for young agencies


Q. What are the steps in completing the submission of an entry?

Create an Account/ Register yourself
Select Category
Fill in the Online Form(s)
Upload the Supporting Documents Required
Submit the Entry
Make the Payment

Q. Is a firm represented by a jury member allowed to enter the competition?

Yes. However, the jury member(s) aren’t allowed to judge the work of their own companies (conflict of interest).

Q. Is there any discount?

Yes, there is an early bird discount.

Q. What are National and Regional entries?

If you submit your entry under 'National', it will compete against the best from all over India. If the entry is 'Regional', it will be up against the best from your chosen region. Click here to know more.

Q. Who can enter?

The competition is open to young agencies of all kinds. Web publishers, content creators, design and production houses can also apply as long as they are 12 years old or less.

Q. What are the important dates?

Early Bird Discount Till: July 25, 2022
Last Date for Entry Submission: August 15, 2022
Awards Night: October 13, 2022

Q. What are the eligibility requirements?

The competition is open to campaigns which went public between April 01, 2021 and March 31, 2022. To know more, click here.

Q. Can the same entries/campaign be submitted under different categories?

Yes, the same entry/campaign can be submitted under any number of categories as long as it is relevant. There is no restriction.

Q. Who should fill the certification form?

It must be filled out by the person submitting the entry.

Q. Do we need to submit client approvals for the entry?

The agency only needs to certify that it has client approval to participate. It, however, need not submit any document in support.

Q. Can we upload multiple links?

Yes, you can create a pdf document with all the links mentioned in it.

Q. Do we get anything if we don’t win?

Never lose hope. Even if you get shortlisted, you would be awarded a ‘Shortlisting Certificate’, and if you aren't shortlisted, you would still be awarded a ‘Certificate of Participation’

Q. When should the ad/campaign have appeared for it to be eligible as an entry at Foxglove 2022?

The piece of work in question should have been viewed by the public between April 01, 2021 and March 31, 2022.